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Business Models and Current Internet Commercial Trends

from: Internet Exposed Files

There is a great deal of truth in the statement that commercial activity in the 21st century belongs to the Net. Business models necessarily need to take this fact of life into consideration. Nearly universally, economists and other financial experts agree that the majority of commercial transactions will take place on the Internet and World Wide Web in the not too distant future. The statistics pertaining to e-commerce are striking. And, again, the results of this research necessarily need to be reflected in meaningful business models.

For example, in 2007 it is estimated that the online retail sales (not services, not wholesale sales) will come near to $400 billion U.S. Many experts believe that this figure will double within the next few years. Indeed, the rate of online retail sales growth and expansion really is impacting the way many different types of business models are structured and refined.

Moreover, beyond retail sales, the number of service providers who are not setting up shop online continues to increase and expand at a previously unimaginable pace. Literally thousands of service providers are now setting up shop on the Net each and every month. As with retail sales, most experts predict that the amount of money spend on services over the Net will double in the coming few years. Yet again, this is having an obvious impact on the manner in which business models are being developed at this point in time.

The trends that have been mentioned in this article (and the manner in which Internet business activity impacts business models) will continue apace well into the future – as will be discussed in greater detail in a moment.

In final analysis financial experts and those who have spent a great deal of time studying e-commerce trends over the course of the past decade are in near unanimous agreement that now is the time to take the plunge into the world of Internet business and commercial activity. The odds presently favor such an investor and entrepreneur. Indeed, millions of business owners are now enjoying significant financial success on the Net. Along with this sometimes stunning financial success has been an impact on business models. Business models are adapting and adjusting to a very significant degree to the powerful impact the Internet is having on business and commercial activities of all types in the 21st century.


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