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How to Use E-mail Marketing As a Direct Marketing Tool

from: Internet Exposed Files

Of all types of marketing of goods or services ‘direct marketing’ triumphs over the rest when it comes to personalized picking of products or services. Here the customer and seller relationship is best maintained than in any other sphere of business activities. E-mail marketing is one such online direct marketing tool that has actually revolutionized commerce and other economic activities. E-mail marketing uses an electronic mail or means of communication to introduce, remind, negotiate, bargain, cut across competitors and in a more general way sell or purchase or transfer goods or services to a targeted audience.

E-mail marketing enhances the chances of a business or individual to foray into those areas up to now not done before as the electronic way of communication is the fastest and surest way available in an era of modernization and globalization. Not only this, e-mail marketing improves and reasserts client owner relationship with the chances of getting to old and new customers far easier done than simply said. This helps a business to get repeat orders and gives yet another wonderful opportunity to net in those customers who have been lost in the past and to get new clients. Personalized e–mailing is another way of enticing the customer or client by addressing their specific needs or wants and trying to give specialized service as per individual requirements.

The advantages of e-mail marketing are many yet, they can be summed up in a few words for immediate appraisal. One of the important functions of the mailing list is that it distributes information to a wide range of potential customers at a low cost. Again, when compared to direct mail it is much faster and takes a few seconds or a few minutes. It can track the exact return on investment and an e-mail message is very easy to track too. An advertiser can send the message straight to the end consumer unlike in the case of a website where the customer has to be enticed to visit the site. Apart from this the advertiser can generate repeat business automatically and with less cost. It also facilitates other messages to be delivered automatically and lastly it is paper free. There are however a few disadvantages too like spam, net abuses and confusion arising out of legitimate mails and spurious ones. In spite of all disadvantages e-mail marketing is going to remain at the forefront of internet marketing as an extremely resourceful tool for businesses to use and benefit from.


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