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´╗┐Six Steps of Market Research Process

from: Internet Exposed Files

The market research process is a set of 6 steps defining tasks to be accomplished when performing a market research study. The process includes defining the problem, then developing some approach for problem solving, planning research design, field work, analysis and preparation of data and generation as well as presentation of reports.

The understanding of following six steps is the key to effective market research process:

Step 1: Problem Definition

First thing to do is defining the problem precisely. While defining the problem, purpose of the study, the relevant background information regarding the case, what supplementary information is needed, and how it will be used in decision making should be taken into account. This step Problem involves discussion with the decision makers, conducting interviews with industry experts, an extensive analysis of secondary data. Once the problem statement has been made the other steps become easier.

Step 2: Approach Formulation for the Problem

This step includes formulating an objective or theoretical framework that influences the research design. The process is performed under the expert surveillance of management and industry experts.

Step 3: Research Design Formulation

In this step a blueprint for conducting the marketing research project is prepared. At this step exploratory research tests are conducted to precisely define the variables, and appropriate scales are designed to measure to progress. A questionnaire along with a sampling plan is used to select respondents for the study ensure that the products are positioned effectively.

Step 4: Field Work or Data Collection

While conducting this step, either a field force or some other field staff is employed to collect the data. Then personal interviewing takes place for the consumers. This includes in-home, computer-assisted personal interviewing or mall intercept.

Step 5: Data Preparation and Analysis

In this step the editing, coding, transcripting, and verification of data is done by inspecting questionnaire or observation form .The results are then fed into a reliable medium for future recall and analysis.

Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation

The last step is to document the findings of the entire process .Also specific research questions are identified results of major findings is presented. The findings should then be presented in a way that facilitates the marketing research both for industrial firms as well as for technical products.

Marketing research when conducted in systematic, objective and analytical way can eliminate lot of business uncertainties and increase probability and magnitude of success.


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