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How to Create a Forum For Your Search Engine Marketing

from: Internet Exposed Files

Products, business and/or services are often the topic of many forums. People like to openly discuss the pros and cons of business and services. Because of this there are countless forums created which are connected to URL and/or have their own URL which are found via the major search engines. For many new business having the ability to have a forum created directly to the business website can be costly therefore there are many services available that will create a separate forum with its own URL for free.

Simple type in “ Free Forums” on your Internet search engines and you will receive tons of listing for services, which offer forum creations.

Locate the service which offers a user-friendly forum and select the industry and type of topics to be discussed within this forum

Once you have customized your forum, you will be asked to select a forum URL. You will want to choose a forum URL that encompasses the gist of what it is that you have in mind as a goal for your web-based business. It doesn't hurt either if the URL is catchy!

Now your ready to begin writing and submitting forums that your public can participate in. Most forum services are already registered with the major search engines which you can piggy-back to get exposure for your business.

Websites such as is exactly what search engine marketing with the forums is all about. For many businesses, the social media such as Facebook and Myspace can be a rather scary place. Twitter is no exception. But consumers are getting increasingly tired of corporate messaging. Consumers want companies with real people that they can relate to. Twitter is an excellent tool for and an even better resource for this type of marketing.

On you can market your business by asking your consumers their feedback on your product. Opening up this line of communication can only help a business. Other ways to promote your site within this site is by uploading your company logo as your Twitter icon, use the site to give away prizes, message everyone who follows you and thank them for doing so, for your background image be sure to add in your business contact information. Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook are excellent ways to keep your consumers up to date on all of your news related items, new products, and ideas.

These ideas are simply the tip of the iceberg. However, once you begin to delve into the possibilities you will soon see that additional opportunities as well as handy tools will become apparent. Ultimately by creating forums you are creating an advertising outlet that businesses are using more and more each day. Companies who have not yet ventured into Twitterland need to get started as soon as they can. Most companies have been Tweeting for quite some time and are reaping the benefits of this social media marketing tool. Bottom line is that any company would be negligent to not get involved, in some way, with Twitter.


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