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Time Management for Work at Home Parents

from: Internet Exposed Files

Even the best laid plans can go awry when you have children. The trick is to plan for everything and, whenever possible, stick to the plan. It can be hard for children, especially very young children, to understand that mommy or daddy are really working when they are at home and if you have very young children, you may need the support and assistance of your spouse or someone else to help you to reach your goals while tending to your children. Parents who work at home have to make time management a priority in order to be successful.

If Your Children are in School

If your children are in school then you most likely have a readymade schedule already. Take advantage of the time they are at school and make this time your workday. Resist the temptation to do household chores or other things and concentrate on the part of your business that demands your undivided attention during this time. There will always be mundane tasks that you can complete in the evening when your family is home but if you are developing products, writing, editing, chatting or talking with customers, or taking care of any number of things that require your undivided attention, strive to take care of these matters during the school day when you can focus all of your energy and attention on your business.

Children get Sick: Plan on It!

Deadlines are crucial and in order to obtain and maintain regular clients and customers, you’ll need to adhere to them religiously. That means, as a parent, you’ll have to work extra hard to avoid procrastination because just when you think you can finish that all important project the next day, just in the nick of time, you’re likely to be awoken in the middle of the night with a sick child. Plan for it. It will happen!

Clients and customers are people, too; many of them have children of their own and while they may not verbally assault you if you have to explain that you can’t deliver on time because of a sick child, it could cause them to look elsewhere the next time they need something. However, by regularly utilizing effective time management skills, you’ll be able to withstand the small emergencies without your business being adversely affected.

Get Support from Other Parents

There are a lot of aspiring as well as highly successful Internet marketers who have children. Many of them hang out at Internet forums and groups and offer support to each other. This is especially helpful to parents with young children, some of whom run their businesses during naptimes, before their children wake in the morning, and after they go to sleep at night. While working from home with young children demands a great deal of creativity and discipline, it can be done if you are organized and utilize effective time management strategies.

Don’t drive yourself or your children crazy by trying to focus all of your attention on important details of your business while your children are up and around and may need your attention. You can always conduct research and perform many administrative duties during this time and save the work that needs your undivided attention for naptime or bedtime. Set realistic goals and you’ll find that your roles as Internet marketer and parent will fit nicely into your schedule.


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