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How to Design Practical Websites To Attract Web Traffic?

from: Internet Exposed Files

Most people who are computer literate, communicate, shop, exchange ideas, buy, read and write through websites and other internet resources. They gather a lot of information by browsing through a website. Most organizations, companies and even individuals design their web sites to conduct business or to communicate.

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. The more the visitors, the more is the popularity of the website. To make the website popular and to increase the traffic to it you have to consider certain basic factors. It is akin to seeing a beautiful shop on a street. If no one enters it, it is not a success however good it may be. All sites monitor the web traffic, the incoming and the outgoing traffic and decide which pages of their website are popular and whether there are any apparent trends. Like a certain page is viewed by a certain age group, or by people of a certain country.

Web traffic is monitored in various ways and the data is used to measure information.

One way of increasing web traffic is by including them on search engines and through search engine optimization. Web traffic is analyzed by viewing the traffic statistics and by counting the number of hits for each page. A hit is generated when any file is opened by a viewer. A file can be a page or images in it. Thus a page with four pictures can have five hits per person.

When monitoring the web traffic you can see the number of visitors, the average number of page views per visitor, average visit duration and so on. If there are more number of page views per person, it could indicate that the visitors go deep into the site because they like it or find it useful. Hence to have heavy web traffic one should make the website interesting and useful. You can also find out the busiest time when most visitors visit the web site so that this information can be used for promotional campaigns. Web traffic can be high at certain times. Like stock dealings during business hours, entertainment during new releases etc,.

Similarly it is possible to find out if the pages are good or bad as web traffic is the best indicator. If the web traffic is less, then the page may be uninteresting or slow to load as well. Not only do you need to ensure that your design a website in such a manner as to attract and retain attention, you also need to make it functional and user friendly. The average web user’s attention span is low and only well designed websites that are able to zero in on what the user needs have a lower mortality rate.


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