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How to Overcome the Hurdles in Traffic Generation?

from: Internet Exposed Files

The two most important requirements of online marketing are having a product or service to sell and traffic generation to bring these to the notice of potential customers. The first one may be relatively easy for anyone with reasonable business acumen. But the second part that is generation of traffic to gain exposure for the product or service is not so simple. There are several systematic ways of traffic Generation or creating web traffic and these are usually carried out by different search engines. Among all search engines Google stands out from the rest in generalized search results. It is said that Google by itself generates 75% of the total traffic generated on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean that the other search engines are way behind in generation of traffic. The B2B search engines have a specialized approach especially when it comes to seeking out niche areas of web traffic for specialized goods and services. This way a business or website can avoid all unnecessary traffic or spam while only picking out those that are only relevant to a particular business.

It is seen that with constant improvement in technological products and various services around the world and effect of globalization, a business to a very great extent has started to rely on the internet for increasing its sales due to the sheer infinite possibilities available. Due to this very reason a business spends a greater deal of time looking for customers who have hitherto been unaware of their product or service. Hence, traffic generation or web traffic has become an area of continuous research and innovation of techniques used to bring in the maximum visitors to a site. Search engines in their course of crawling over the websites have made it mandatory to seek site keyword search, hosting location, penalizing of duplicate content by SEO, shedding link overloads, usage of site maps, and ascertaining the domain age, and a host of special functions performed for a particular product. This undoubtedly leads to a greater useful traffic, the majority of which with correct email links can be converted into a potential customer. However the generation of relevant traffic has a greater enemy in the form of spurious traffic, spam and unbecoming language. Fraudulent linkages dupe search engines into thinking that their site is more important and in reality 99% of them turn up otherwise. For this reason search engines has started systematic linkage techniques, traffic blueprints and specialized scanning functions to remove this menace. With continuous advancements and improvised techniques traffic generating tools and techniques are insuperable resources that no business can think of doing without.


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